Meet Raquel

Raquel emerged on stage in 2013 as a Worship Leader at a mega church in St. Louis, MO.  She was raised in church and loves leading thousands on a weekly basis, but she also felt over the past year her love for music and other genres growing.  Raquel married the love of her life last November, and since then has been evolving as a music artist daily.  With her husband Nick pushing her, she began writing music in early spring 2020.

Her life prior to being married to Nick was focused on worship music and singing covers.  However now she has found her love for POP music, and her creativity is thriving.  Raquel is a singer and songwriter.  She has been working hard at writing lyrics that express stories from her life, but lyrics that will also relate to her fans all over the world.  They are deep, meaningful, uplifting, and provide a great atmosphere when listening to them.  You add those lyrics to the melody she creates and the party has begun.

Raquel takes a unique approach to her music.  She draws inspiration from a wide range of artists, and developed her own sound and style.  While being raised on a farm, competing around the country as a barrel racer, and leading worship daily, her love for all genres of music came together to produce her own sound.  She is excited for you all to hear what is in the pipeline.

Raquel started working with producer Brand Fraley out of Nashville, TN.  Brandon is an amazing producer who is also a music artist himself.  He and his wife Jamelle are a duo country group named “Two Story Road.”  They are amazing and full of life and a love for music.  They have each traveled with the likes of Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Danny Gokey, and Gretchen Wilson.  After traveling with others, they took a leap and went on their own music journey as a duo, and have worked with the likes of Hunter Hayes, Mark Bright, and many other big names in the music industry.  So to say Raquel was blessed when she heard Brandon wanted to work with her and produce her first EP, she was ecstatic.

Working with Brandon for a good part of 2020 now, the EP is coming to life and the songs are flowing.  Raquel plans to release her first EP in September of 2020 with a new song coming every couple of months.  The EP will consist of six songs.  Raquel wrote all six songs and melodies herself.  She wanted her first EP to be original and her sound.  You can bet that these songs will be ones you want the windows down, volume up, and the sun shining.  However, included in the EP will be music that everyone can relate too.

Raquel’s music will be available on all digital platforms.  You can also check the other tabs for all things Raquel.  Also, be on the lookout, merchandise is on the way!!!